Spa Bathroom is in your Houses

Sometimes we go to the spa to get special treatments and comfortable place. A spa bathroom
can become a great personal retreat in the house. The main key to create a spa-like bathroom is
not to be luxurious or spacious, but creating a relaxing atmosphere like a spa has.
Do you want to create your home spa bathroom? Give your attention to these things!

  1. Design
    Design is the most important thing to create your bathroom feels like a spa bathroom.
    You have to choose the relaxing color scheme. It is usually neutral. It is the earthly
    colors that come with natural materials and finishes. Don’t forget to choose the style of
    future spa bathroom in hi-tech, modern, traditional, etc. To create a shooting color
    scheme and atmosphere, you can use natural material, like wood and bamboo.
  2. Bathtub
    Bathtub is a point of view of a bathroom. Although you want to create a spa bathroom,
    it must not be a luxurious one. Just choose a whirlpool, free-standing or pool-like
    bathtub. The latter one is more common to the regular spas and it also looks impressive.
  3. Lighting
    Right type of lighting can give a spa-like atmosphere. It is crucial to the spa interior. It
    usually uses a dimmer switches, built-in and wall lights with soft glow. It will create the
    right spa atmosphere in the bathroom. The lighting is functional with task lighting at the
    sink, but it is still relaxing and soothing.
  4. Safety
    Safety is very important thing that have to be considered in designing a bath tub. Make
    sure the plumbing is safe to be located in the bathtub. Ventilation is also important thing
    if you are going to burn candles in the bathroom. Don’t ever use bad quality candles that
    contain paraffin because it is dangerous for our health. If you use electrical appliances in
    the bathroom like a record player, use it safely.
  5. Storage
    If you have many cosmetics and household cleaning products, you have to organize them
    in right place to make your bathroom as aesthetic as the spa bathroom. Use decorative
    containers to keep your liquid soap or mouthwash. To keep your towels, bathrobes and
    other accessories you can use shelves and racks. Make sure the bathroom has enough
    open space and clutter-free.

Pict. 1: “Spa bathroom with wooden style-twi sinks and mirrors with a white bathtub
completed with awhite curtain and lights from the ventilations.”