Outdoor Bathroom Design Ideas

Are you bored with your indoor bathroom designs? Maybe it is an unusual thing to create an
outdoor bathroom, but it makes a luxurious spa-like room. An inner courtyard or special
architecture is required to create an outdoor bathroom. When constructing a house, it is better
for you to consider where the outdoor bathroom will be located and plan the plumbing and
other features.
Let’s create our outdoor bathroom!

  1. Choose the Location
    The first thing that you have to do is choosing the location of the future outdoor
    bathroom. Make sure you can install the plumbing in that location. It can be an outside
    area of bedroom or terrace. If the location has too much sun, protect yourself from UV
    rays and heat with canopy and sun awnings
  2. Garden bathroom
    The other choice is placing your outdoor bathroom in your garden. The bushes or
    hedges can be used to create enclosed area that can be accessed through a bedroom. If it
    is impossible to have outdoor bathroom, you can only install the shower. A common
    design solution is a wooden platform on the pebble-covered ground.
  3. Bring the outdoors in
    If you don’t have any place to create outdoor bathroom, you can bring it inside. You
    use sky lights, plants and pebbles for the bathroom design. The outdoor feeling can be
    taken from a glazed wall facing an inner courtyard or a garden. To create the feeling of
    showering or bathing outdoors, use pebbles in floor decor and use skylights in the