It’s Time to Gray your Bedroom

Bedroom is the place to take a rest after working hard all day long. You need soft color to calm
your mind. Gray can be stylish and beautiful choice. Choose the right shadows of gray and
accent color to create a stylish design. Gray is a neutral color that can be combined with other
bold or pastel hues to create neutral touches.
To create stylish gray bedroom you can follow these steps:

  1. Choose the right shade
    Choosing the right shade is to make the gray bedroom color scheme work. Don’t
    choose too dark shade because it will make the room look dark and small. If the room is
    small enough, the right choice is by giving lighter shades and bringing in more light
    colors into the color scheme. There is also another optional choice by designing the gray
    bedroom in monochromatic gray color scheme.
  2. Add accents
    Bright accents can be added to the gray bedroom to live up the neutral room. Some
    colors can work great in gray color scheme, such as bright yellow and blue or red and
    purple. You can also bring in pops of color to the gray bedroom with the pillows, bed
    throw and other furniture like chairs, ottomans, etc.
  3. Finishes
    We can add wooden textures to make the gray bedroom look soft and warmth because
    gray usually look quite cold and dark. We can also add other neutrals color which can
    work with gray, think white, brown and sand to create interesting dynamic in the room.

Pict. 1: “Gray bedroom designs with some wall hangings plates above the wooden desk, great
lighting from the window with brown bed and white bed cover, blanket and pillows.”

Pict. 2: “Soft blue and white combination with big bed, big window, a table and chair in front of
the window with a desk lamp on the table.”

Pict. 3: “Wooden touches on the night stands, oval mirror on the wall, grey rug with a wooden
board on it, and an iron bed frame with brown combination on the bed covers.”

Pict. 4: “Stripes grey combinations wall and roof, with a proverb on the wall, rug, and huge alarm clock