How to Reset Samsung Phones

How to Reset Samsung Phones

How to Reset Samsung Phones – Resetting a Samsung cellphone to factory settings is one powerful solution to overcome various kinds of errors on smartphones. For example, when an Android phone feels slow or even when experiencing a boot loop.

Therefore, every Samsung user should know how to do a Factory Reset. But maybe some of you don’t know what the factory reset means. Simply put, is a feature to return the smartphone to like-new condition again.

Because when we reset a smartphone, all forms of settings will be set back to the same default as the factory conditions. So if there is an error caused by an error in the system, then it can be overcome with a factory reset.

Preparation Before Doing Factory Reset

From the explanation above, it can be seen that the function of this smartphone is very important. But for those of you who are still new, you should also be careful before doing a factory reset on a Samsung cellphone. There are a few things you should prepare in advance:

1. Backup Important Files

Doing a factory reset means that it will also delete the data on our smartphone. That’s why you should back up important files. Before resetting, move the data to a laptop or external memory to keep it safe.

2. Backup Contacts

We certainly store a lot of numbers from friends, family, co-workers, or others in our HP contacts. Now you also have to back it up to another place first before doing a factory reset.

Because if it has been deleted, then these contacts will be lost and cannot be returned.

3. Make sure the battery is full

Why do we have to make sure our battery is fully charged when doing a factory reset? Because this process will erase all data on the smartphone. So the process must run smoothly and should not be interrupted.

Imagine if in the middle of the process of deleting data then your cellphone battery runs out. Then this will result in the reset process is not perfect. As a result, the smartphone will experience a system failure and eventually boot loop.

Now before starting this hard reset process, you are advised to charge the smartphone until the power is at least charged above 75%. That way the reset process will be safe and there is no risk of being disturbed in the middle of the road.

Maybe you’ve heard of a dial that can be used to do a factory reset on a Samsung cellphone. This is true, we can do a factory reset with a certain secret code. Want to know? Here’s how:

  • First, please enter the dial on your respective smartphone the same as when you are going to make a call.
  • Then type one of the following secret codes:
  • Factory Reset : 27673855#
  • Hard Reset : ##7780##
  • Then follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
  • Then just wait for the data deletion process on the smartphone to finish.

Maybe some are wondering, what is the difference between a factory reset and a hard reset? For factory reset, we will return the HP settings to factory conditions. While a hard reset will delete all data in the internal memory in the form of files or applications.

How to Factory Reset Samsung HP

In general, all types of Samsung phones will provide this factory reset feature in their settings section. Maybe for those who still don’t know where it is. For that, please follow the following tutorial:

1. Go to Settings

The first step, of course, is to open the settings menu on each of your Samsung cellphones. Then scroll down and look for the Backup and Reset option.

2. Do a Factory Reset

After that, you will find the Factory Data Reset or Factory Reset option. Please tap on the option if you are sure. When a confirmation appears, you just select OK.

3. Wait for the Deletion Process

Finally, we just need to wait for the smartphone reset process to be carried out. Leave it alone and don’t press anything until it’s done. Usually, when finished HP will boot/restart automatically. And this is a sign that the factory reset has been successfully done.

Note: For some types of Samsung, the location of the factory reset menu may be a bit different. Try looking in the system section of settings to find the option. The next steps are the same as those described above.
How to Reset All Types of Samsung Cellphones

How to Reset All Types of Samsung Cellphones

Smartphones with Android OS, such as Samsung, are generally equipped with a recovery mode. That is a built-in feature that is used to make repairs if an error occurs on the Android system.

Now in that mode, there is also a factory reset feature that you can use. Maybe some of you don’t know how to enter recovery mode on a Samsung cellphone. Please follow the following tutorial:

1. Turn off smartphone

Before you can enter recovery mode, your Samsung cellphone must be turned off. Please shutdown first and make sure it is completely turned off.

2. Enter Samsung Recovery Mode

Next, press the power + home + volume up buttons simultaneously and hold them for a few seconds. After your cellphone vibrates slightly and shows the Samsung logo, please release the three buttons.

3. Successfully Enter Recovery Mode

If done correctly according to the tutorial above, then you should now have successfully entered recovery mode. In this mode, the touchscreen will not work.

To navigate up and down you can use the volume buttons. Meanwhile, to select certain menus, you can use the home or power button (for those whose cellphones don’t use the home button anymore)

4. Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset

In the initial menu in recovery mode, you will see the Wipe Data/Factory Reset option. Use the volume buttons to navigate to the option, then select using the power or home button.

5. Confirm

Next, you will be asked for confirmation before continuing the Samsung cellphone reset process. Just select the Yes option to get started.

6. Factory Reset Process

Now here, your Samsung cellphone will start the process of deleting all files in the system. Please just wait for the process to finish and don’t press any buttons.

7. Boot

After the file deletion process is complete, you will be brought back to the initial recovery mode menu. Here we just restart the smartphone by selecting the Reboot System Now option. Wait for the boot process to complete and the smartphone to enter the home screen.

8. Factory Reset Successful

Until here the factory reset process has been successfully carried out and all data on the smartphone has been completely erased. Please check if there are still errors that occur on your cellphone.


Thus the discussion on how to reset all types of Samsung HP. This step is usually used as the last most powerful solution to overcome HP errors or boot loops. For those who are still new, try to ask for help from friends who understand better.