How to Delete Junk Files on an Android Phone

How to Delete Junk Files on an Android Phone

How to Delete Junk Files on an Android Phone – This time we will provide tips for you on how to easily delete empty folders or ex-application folders. If we install new applications, we usually uninstall old applications that are not used.

But there are some problems when we delete the application, it turns out that the file or application data is not completely deleted. Usually, it will leave cache and empty folders.

How to Delete the Junk Cache of Android Phones

Therefore we need a little trick so that it can make it easier to delete empty folders, leaving behind the installation of applications, namely by using third-party applications. Curious how to delete the cache of junk files on an Android phone.

  1. Download the App

First, please download and install the SD Maid application via the Google Play Store.
how to delete junk files on android

  1. Scan Apps

Then open the SD Maid application that you downloaded earlier and click Scan. Then a setting notification popup will appear, click NEXT and then select ALLOW ACCESS

  1. Allow App

Next click ALLOW. Then click DONE, the SD Maid application will automatically scan or scan empty folders and unnecessary junk files
how to delete junk files on android

  1. Run Cleanup

Then click Run now then click RUN again then the junk files or unneeded folders will be automatically deleted.


So that’s a tutorial article from on how to easily delete junk files on Android. By deleting junk files or ex-application folders, your Android will have maximum performance and the storage capacity on your smartphone will be a little looser.

So many from teknoinside, hopefully it can be useful and help and add to your insight. Good luck and good luck.