Designs Solutions to Create your Amazing Bedroom

We like to stay a long time in our bedroom. When we look at the ceiling, wall and some
furniture they look so common. So, let’s make the bedroom more interesting and magical. Here
we offer you some designs solution to make an amazing bedroom. If you have a single room
apartment, there is a solution to make your bedroom have a private place like in the bigger
homes. A great role in making the bedroom more than a room with a bed is played by the
architecture. Let’s check these amazing bedroom designs out!

  1. Book case bed and desk

It is a great and amazing bedroom design by Paul Coudamy. It is built a bookshelf with
a bed and desk in. When we want to use the bed, we can slide the bookshelf to the side
and reveal the bed. When we don’t use the bed we can hide it and reveal the desk. The
red and white combination and beautiful lighting makes it more amazing. It is a great
idea for your 23 square meters apartment.

  1. Mobile cube bed

How can it is not an amazing bedroom? It has a mobile cube bed. It can be moved
everywhere with its wheel, whatever a loft or studio apartment. It has two opened sides,
one is more private with almost closed side and the other side is entirely open.

  1. Floating bedroom

This architectural design is created by Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec. He
makes a bedroom float in the air. Nit only just a bed, you can also put your television in
it. The cubed bed is hidden away from the rest of the room to provide residents with

  1. Night Sky

A great way to add a special touch to the bedroom is a ceiling window. It is usually placed in
the loft. At night you can watch the stars and in the mornings you are always woken up by the
sun. A room in the roof of the house may have ceiling windows already. The color balance of
the furniture makes it really cool.