Where To Dine and Drink In Munich?

Eating and drinking is a cultural experience for most tourists. Visiting a country means trying new things, seeing new places and tasting their local winery and food. The German cuisine include a little bit of everything, so you will be tempted to eat a bit of everything. While moderation is the key, putting on 1-2 kg is expected, because Germans have delicious food.

Where To Dine and Drink In Munich?

Where can I Drink and Eat in Munich?

 Munich is crawling with places where you can have a taste of their local food. Some may be a bit extravagant and expensive, but here are the cheaper, but still delicious, options:

  1. SchnelleLiebe– if you are craving an organic burger, a big delicious bowl of salad or some pasta for less than 10€, this is the place to go to. Also, the music and the atmosphere are really nice, making this the perfect place for serving a drink with some friends in the evening.
  2. Dean& David– with 10 locations in Munich, this place is wonderful. They offer you the possibility of creating your own salad. If you do not feel inspired, you can always choose one of their already designed salads for 6-9€. They also serve sandwiches and smoothies.
  3. Café Neuhauser– this place is famous for offering XL pizzas at the price of a regular pizza. They are absolutely delicious and gigantic. If you are coming in for lunch, their special lunch pizza is only 5.60€. Happy Hours can include cocktail offers.
  4. Bäckerliesl– if you are fan of bread, you will love this place. The owner is 83 years old and makes the best bread in town. People come from all over the city for his famous bread.
  5. MünchnerSuppenküche– if you feel the need of a soup, you can always come here. In addition, they are near Bäckerliesl and serve his bread.
  6. Schinder Stall – germans are known to love their beer. This place not only looks incredible, but it also offers good beer at reasonable prices.

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