Understanding how Dianabol Works to Show Results

Nowadays a huge part of the population is fat. They are on their way to becoming obese; which is a state at which a number of medical problems start developing. These problems are mostly connected to cardiovascular issues and a number of hormonal problems; some of them are diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and a number of others. People who try to get rid of their excess fat start with exercise and diet but in most cases that isn’t enough; this is when they move towards steroids. While looking for fast and easy remedies they end up choosing Dianabol. But this is a very bad choice as Dianabol is not supposed to produce a permanent result; it was designed to produce a temporary bump in muscle mass; which makes it very useful for professionals who are trying to increase that last bit before a competition. This same aspect makes it practically useless for anyone looking for a permanent effect.

A guide for Dianabol cycles 

On average, a Dianabol cycle is about 6 weeks long. Usually bodybuilders tend to use the pills because the injections are believed to have a lower quality. Also, some samples of the injection have been found to be impure. A Dianabol-only cycle for a first time steroid user is not recommended because without taking a testosterone supplement your body testosterone levels are going to fall. This problem can be solved by taking 500mg testosterone everyday along with 12mg of an aromatase inhibitor like Aromasin. The dosage for Dianabol is dependent on the user but beginners are recommended to start at 25mg per day and keep it under 50mg a day.


Managing the post cycle period 

After completing a steroid cycle it is very important that you start to balance out the damage which was done during the drug usage period. Using steroids is very harmful for your hormonal levels and the post cycle therapy is meant to bring those hormones back to their normal level. After your testosterone levels are brought back to normal, you start seeing permanent results of Dianabol and the muscle mass remains sort of same. With a proper therapy session after your cycle you will be able to keep taking Dianabol for a number of cycles without much damage to your body.

The results of Dianabol only cycles 

Dianabol only cycles are meant to produce great results, but most of these results are supposed to be short-lived. On average, a Dianabol cycle will help you in gaining about 10-15 pounds, but most of this is basically due to water retention. Usually steroid cycles are about 8-12 weeks long while Dbol cycles are half the length of these. This makes the side effects much less severe and easily manageable.

Buying Dianabol 

Be sure that you understand how Dianabol works; it is not like most other steroids out there. If you are a first time steroid user then do not fall for the false advertising, study on the subject before you subject your body to any steroid. Buy only from authorised dealers and do not accept it if the expiry date is not shown properly on the product.