Things You Need To Understand about DUI Driver’s License Suspension

Things You Need To Understand about DUI Driver’s License Suspension

The worst penalty of a DUI case is the license suspension. While you can afford to pay hefty fines after being charged for DUI, you can’t really afford to bear your license suspension especially, after knowing that it can stop you from driving for minimum of 2 years. Therefore, it is advised that you try your best and not be pulled over of a DUI. Even, if you are caught, hire an experienced DUI lawyer to help you out of the situation.

Many details about license suspension due to DUI are listed on the site However, to make your life much easier, here are a few of the things you need to know about suspension of your license.

When your license can be suspended?

In most of the states, license suspension is one of the standard punishments of DUI case. However, how your license suspension depends on the law of the state you are living in. Many states in the country suspend license as soon as you are arrested for a DUI offense. There are other states that do not suspend your license until you have been charged for DWI for more than one time. There are many states that do not suspend the license but give stronger penalties to the offender.

What if you are DUI convict outside the state you belong to?

If you are arrested for a DUI case outside the state you live in, then the license suspension will follow that particular state’s law. Most of the states in the country respect the value of license suspension laws of other states. They have agreed to follow the law of other states too. Therefore, when you are caught, you will have to go through license suspension penalties mentioned by your state.

In that case, you will be required to hire two attorneys. One attorney should be from your home state that can help you to appeal the suspension of your driving license. Another attorney should be from the state where your DUI arrest took place. The second attorney will be able to help you defend the allegations of driving under influence.

How would you get your license back after the suspension?

You will be able to get your license back if it has been suspended because of a post-arrest DUI charge. For this purpose, you need to hire an experienced DUI lawyer. He will file an appeal in the court in separate civil proceedings to issue an occupational driver’s license for you. This basically means that he will be requesting the court to issue a temporary license to you until your case is pending under regulated circumstances.

With the use of this occupational driver’s license, you can drive to your work. However, there will be time limitation and you will be required to drive only in that limited time. The court will allow you to drive car to your kids’ school, in order to pick or drop them. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that with a temporary or occupational driving license, you will be able to drive only to the places approved by the court.