Things That You Should Be Doing After A Car Collision

If you have been unfortunate to suffer from a car collision, then worry not. Panic and anxiety are expected in such situations. No matter how much people suggest you not to worry or fear after a car collision, the fact is that it will fetch tensions along. The very first thing that you should be doing after a call collision is stopped immediately. If you do not stop after a car collision, it may lead you to criminal prosecution or demerit points.

Upset driver After Traffic Accident.It's so sad and helpless

Once you have stopped, check if anyone has been injured in the collision. If you see police arriving at the scene, do not run away. Rather, stay there and ask for a copy of the report file and also the file number they assign to the case. You will need it for future.

Ensure Safety

Before the police come to the scene, check if anyone has been injured during the accident. If so, then do not move the injured person as doing so will just aggravate the injuries. Avoid standing behind the vehicle or in between two vehicles to inspect the damage. You will just put yourself in the risk by doing so. Now, check if your vehicles have some damage or if it is drivable.  Consider calling the body shop Los Angeles to fix your car.

Report to the police

If you do not see any police on the scene, consider calling the police and explain to them what had happened. This will prove to be helpful in the future. Calling up the police shows that you are a responsible citizen and you are not even suspected for the crime. This will add points to your case. In case, you feel that your vehicle has suffered a damage of more than $2,000 then you will have to fill up a Collision Report Form at the police station.

Contact the insurance provider

You can take pictures of the collision and send it to your insurance provider to claim the insurance. You can ask the police for the collision worksheet. Fill this sheet properly as it will help you to remember the information required while claiming the insurance. If your vehicle is not drivable, you should make agreements for it to be removed from the road. This agreement should be done with the police officer.

If your vehicle is drivable then leave your information with the other vehicle driver to settle the case in future. Now call up your insurance provider and give them details about the collision, including the damages that have been caused to the vehicle and the person. This should be done as early as possible as you might have difficulty in processing a claim If you delay in contacting the insurer.

Remember to take these responsibilities:

  • Do not consider contacting the police as a liability. Be a responsible citizen and take the responsibility.
  • Never make the mistake of paying or making any promises to pay for damages at the collision spot
  • Do not rush to accept any settlement after the collision. Let the police and insurance company deal with it.