The Example Of FIFA 15 and Premium Currency

FIFA 15 and FIFA Coins

I remember playing my first game of FIFA and, few years later, Pro Evolution soccer. It was all about skills. You needed to have good reflexes, had to learn all special moves and combinations, and had to know best tactics in game, for passing, dribbling, and of course, goal shooting. The game was simply the game of skills, reflexes, and learning. I loved FIFA, but I loved more Pro Evolution Soccer, simply because it was focused all the time on pure gameplay, without other features which I was not so interested in. After all, I had many quality football managers to choose from, so if I wanted to play football manager game, I didn’t have to play FIFA.

For me, FIFA and Pro evolution soccer were examples of pure sport simulations, and I didn’t need anything more than that. However, over the years Fifa evolved into complex game which had many modes to offer to the player, including manager mode, career mode, single player and several multiplayer modes. It was all fantastic, but I could see that the center of the game started to shift from single player game to massive multiplayer and manager game. It was really ok, and after all, we all know that best FIFA parties are played against your friends, family or other people. We were used to playing it on the same screen and on the same machine, but it just added the flavor to the game.

The Example Of FIFA 15 and Premium Currency

However, it was normal that with internet, some new possibilities opened for this game. Soon, multiplayer games were more common that local games and so called hot seat mode. But the real multiplayer in last couple of FIFA titles is almost exclusively tied to so-called FUT mode, which is short for FIFA ultimate team mode. FUT mode is about making the best team from available players, and playing with it against other human players and their teams. Complete transactions in FUT mode are done with special currency called FIFA coins. And you already guessed that FIFA coins can be bought only with real money.

So the whole economy of this mode, including buying players from auction house, buying special card packs with random players and other items (so called consuming items). By making random boosters (card packs) which didn’t have any guarantee that you will draw the player card you need, or you can use, the game forced players to spend even more money if they wanted to play FUT mode. It is no wonder then that most of the hack tools for FIFA 15 (including our own FIFA 15 free coin generator) are dealing with the problem of free FIFA coins. Making FIFA 15 free coins became the main objective of every hack tool made for this game. Nothing else is important now, because player can achieve anything if he has enough money to buy all the player and consumables he needs to play this game.