The Biggest Building Disasters in History

We all want to carry out a fantastic job when we do some building work. It doesn’t always go to plan though, does it?

In fact, throughout history there have been some incredible disasters when people have tried to construct. The following are some of the most memorably bad buildings ever.

The Illegal Mountain in China

While no disaster has happened here yet, weird building work doesn’t get much more bizarre than this. Chinese man Zhang Lin spent 6 years buildings a mountain – yes, a mountain – on top of building he lived in. He added a mountaintop villa and called it his dream home, but it would soon turn into a nightmare.

You see, the other residents in the building in Beijing weren’t too pleased when cracks started to appear in their apartments. It turns out that our DIY hero didn’t have planning permission for the immense building job that he had carried out.

He has been ordered to tear in down before it causes the whole building to collapse. However, there is a good chance that the damage has already been done.

Of course, if you plan to design the extension of your dreams then you need to plan it carefully and use the right materials. Check out your local builders merchant in North Wales orb wherever you live in order to get hold of what you need for a safe and professional job.

The Wedding Hall Disaster in Israel

Versaille Wedding Hall in Jerusalem was the scene of the biggest building disaster in the history of Israel. It happened in 2001, when the floor of a poorly constructed building began to sag and then finally collapsed.

23 people died and close to 400 were injured, as the guests at a wedding fell through 2 stories of the building. In the run-up to the wedding builders had removed some of the partitions, causing the floor to sag. The owners had seen this sagging but hadn’t realised how potentially dangerous this was. This building disaster became infamous when the camcorder footage of it happening was shown on news programmes around the world.

Clearly, any possible problem in your home needs to be looked at urgently. If you have carried out the work yourself then take the time to check whether there is anything you have done badly or that could be improved.

The Department Store Collapse in South Korea

This next case was the biggest and most deadly building disaster in modern times until the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in New York.  It happened in 1995 in Seoul, South Korea. The Sampoong building was built quickly and, it seems, fairly shoddily. Poor design and giant air conditioning units of the roof led to a lot of strain being put on the structure.

The 5 story structure started to show big cracks but the building wasn’t evacuated in time. Eventually, the air conditioning unit went crashing down through the floor below it. Over 500 people were killed and some 1,500 more were trapped in the building.

Incredibly, it is reported that the owner had fired engineers who had told him that the building couldn’t hold a 5th floor. Instead, he brought in a different company to build this final, deadly floor.

When it comes to building at home, there is no substitute for being careful and for using the best quality materials. If you are going to be working with wood then look for what you need at a professional timber supplier in North Wales.

John Hancock Tower, Boston

This 60 story skyscraper in Boston has been the butt of many jokes over the years, as well as being an icon of the city. Somehow this structure hasn’t collapsed since being built in the early 1970s, despite a history of broken glasses, damaged retaining walls and motion sickness caused by its swaying in the wind.

The problems began early for the John Hancock Tower, with various problems causing the construction to go wildly over budget and the opening get delayed by 5 years. Among the biggest issues were the retaining walls being warped and giant windowpanes falling to the ground when the wind was blowing. Later, it was discovered that the building was prone to twisting dangerously in the wind.

Costly and complicated repairs eventually made the building safe to use, despite constant fears about the swaying during windy days.  Among the strangest measures taken was the installation of a tuned mass damper, made up of huge weights on the 58th floor.

As we can see, there have been building disasters all over the world. Be sure that your next DIY job doesn’t join that list.