Stella, The World’s First Solar-Powered Family Car That Goes 500 Miles On A Charge

Household electric cars are constantly upgrading, but there has been a problem that can only take one person. In the near future, Stella will launch a version of the four-seater solar electric car, Solar-powered electric vehicles demanding on the body weight, the need for lightweight yet strong material manufacturing; solar panel and completely cover the roof to provide enough power for driving, so that the body size is also limited, such an electric current car can only take one person.

There have been other solar-powered electric powered cars for nearly 30 years, the world solar challenge in Australia has presented the technological innovation. Those solar power vehicles are mostly little, stripped-down, single-seat automobiles designed for speed.

Stella, The World’s First Solar-Powered Family Car That Goes 500 Miles On A Charge

In addition to this, the solar electric car in the process of moving most of the power must be provided with the power on, so the resistance encountered during car travel must be minimized, which requires models designed to meet the low, narrow requirements, naturally driving comfort is also greatly reduced. Body size, these two issues driving experience since 20 years ago, the advent of solar electric cars would always exist, but some students of the Polytechnic University Eindhoven made ​​a thorough study of these issues, is a step by step to solve this problem, make a solar energy home of the early realization of the electric car.

This student is conducting a research based on Stella electric vehicle prototypes, Stella power consumption is small, and is based on modern science and technology research and development, and at the Eindhoven University of Technology students for a deeper study of great help. They lasted a year and a half assembling a figure designed this electric car, compared with other concept cars, Stella is assembled on the platform, lightweight tube frame structure, the body is relatively low, compared to other solar electric car body with more width, shape design also added a more aerodynamic element. This design can be installed on the exterior more solar panels to provide more power, while also increasing the body interior space to accommodate more passengers.

The electric car mileage is about 800 km, a top speed of 120 km / h, for the daily commute is enough. The new household electric cars in the industry caused quite a stir, it also received several international design awards. Has been attracting more and more investors are expected to invest the amount of future production in 5-10 years.