Solar Panels for Home: Some Frequently Asked Questions

It is definitely a great idea to get a solar power panel installed at your residence. The move is simply awesome as you will prevent the use of fossil fuel and avoid the emission of CO2, which is very harmful to nature in general. Solar bay area is one such place, where you will learn the benefits of using solar power panels.

Solar Panels for Home

The solar power panels are quite different from the PV arrays. They are mounted on your roof / pole to catch the rays of the sun / sunlight. PVs are integrated only in the buildings. They are primarily integrated on the either:-

  • Windows
  • Roof tiles
  • Walls

The cost involved

The advantages of using solar power panels are:-

  • It is renewable
  • It is clean
  • It is in abundance
  • It is green

Your electricity bills will drastically reduce by using solar power panel, which is definitely a plus point for the users. You need to just pay the connection fee once in a year. This fee is paid by the households so that the electric grid connection sustains.

Extreme weather and the strength of these panels

The panels that use the solar power are sturdy enough to tolerate various climatic conditions such as heavy wind and snow. They are better than many other establishments at home. You may not only avail the electricity when the weather is bad, but also post sunset without any hindrances.

Power supply at times of blackouts

There can be times when the system might fail. This failure should not be a matter of worry because the systems are equipped with battery backup. This backup or the stored power is accumulated in the grids. The storage works like a blessing even when the supply goes off due to repair and maintenance.

Not all systems come equipped with this kind of storage facility that is why it is highly advised to buy a panel that is attached with the facility to stock up the power.

The maintenance cost

The average life span of a solar power panel is at least 25 years. Some companies make the panels quite efficient and hence they require least maintenance.

The dynamism is such that they will not turn dirty unless the panels are exposed to dirt. Monsoons also do not impact them much and keep them functioning efficiently.

These days, people have been opting for solar power panels more than yester years. The investment is also quite affordable. You will not only get to save the money, but avail several rewards from the government as well. Besides all these benefits, another key point not be missed here is that you will not contribute to the pollution. This way, you will be doing your bit in protecting the nature.

Global warming is a threatening situation to the human survival. The efficient solar panels will not produce global warming pollution and hence one of the important solutions to prevent this crisis. Go green by using solar energy for domestic as well as industrial uses.