Saving Your Furniture: Tips and Tricks

You don’t have to cover your furniture in plastic sheeting to make sure it lasts. Luckily, modern advances in cleaning and protective treatment can help you save your furniture long enough so it can be passed down to your children in excellent condition. Next time you’re wondering whether to get that light-colored sofa or to throw out an old piece of furniture, consider some tips to help you make the old piece look new first. 

Saving Your Furniture: Tips and Tricks

Get Your Old Furniture Looking Like New

There are plenty of ways to make your living spaces look new again, without spending tons of money replacing furniture. The trick is to pay attention to the materials in the furniture so as to get the right cleaning and caring products to make those materials brush up like new. If you don’t know what products are out there or how to properly care for your furniture, then turn it over to a specialist, like Blackmon Mooring furniture and upholstery cleaning experts. Some of the things that can help your furniture look new are:

Refinishing the Wood – The experts on “This Old House” know all about scratched-up antique furniture. They recommend Murphy’s Oil Soap to clean the wood and prepare it for a finish. The finish is a scratch cover with a little pigment to help hide most small scratches typical of old, used, furniture.

Cleaning the Fabric – Chairs or sofas that have fabric areas need to be cleaned regularly to make sure stains don’t set and become difficult to remove. If you do have stains that you can’t get out with regular products, all is not lost. Call in an expert upholstery cleaner as they can often remove stains with commercial products that you can’t do on your own. They can also help you decipher cleaning codes on labels so that you properly maintain your furniture in the best way possible.

Protect Against Future Accidents – You can also get a protective chemical guard put on the upholstery that is stain-resistant to avoid the same problem in the future, even right when you purchase a new piece. It’s transparent and whole lot better than a plastic sheet. Paint metals to protect them from corrosion, particularly outdoor furniture that is open to the elements.

By properly maintaining and caring for your furniture, you will reduce odors in the home and save money in the long run. Your furniture will look like new and continue to serve you and your family longer. And, if at some point you may need to get it reupholstered, then you can also get a second life out of the same furniture and a brand new look too.