Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – An Innovative Smartphone Recommended To Buy

The new smartphone from Samsung is very unusual and innovative; here we are talking about Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. One can argue about how well implemented here the possibility of curved faces; you can talk about how, in principle, this solution useful in real life. But of course, that the Note Edge expands our understanding of the use of a smartphone and offers new ideas on how you can use emerging technological opportunities.

Note Edge – is the second Samsung smartphone with a curved screen. But unlike the Galaxy Round, where the curvature affects only the ergonomics (and not the fact that the positive), Note Edge – the first attempt to obtain by means of a curved screen some new functionality, qualitatively different perspective on the use of such displays. While the usefulness of the solution found is questionable, but again, it is important.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – An Innovative Smartphone Recommended To Buy

Fast forward eight years ago and remember the appearance of iPhone. It was the first touchscreen smartphone that uses a capacitive screen. To the iPhone in the smartphone uses resistive displays that are sensitive not to touch by a finger, and by pressing any hard object. But it is much more important than the mere presence of the iPhone touch panels of another type, and a new way of using them, who came up with Apple. Capacitive screen has allowed management to implement multitouch. And this is a real revolution. Multitouch and gesture support turned our understanding of the interaction with mobile devices.

Now we finally have curved screens (and in the future – and flexible, and highly conditional single example of LG G Flex does not count). And now it is important to figure out how to use it. We can say that Note Edge – the first example of such a “brainstorming.”

Another thing is that, unlike the iPhone, this iconic device will not be a huge number of imitations and do not breed. Apple with its iPhone has got exactly the apple (pardon the pun). Samsung is now only being targeted. But this time, the other does not see the target (at least no signs reverse). So we only welcome such attempts.

Videography is not characterized by high quality, although the smartphone’s camera quality is good. The image is noticeable characteristic ripple, but the clarity is very good.

As for specific recommendations to buy or not to buy this machine, so we can say here. If you are going to buy or you just have a few more tens of thousands that you would like to spend on some kind of a technological toy that emphasizes your advanced and high social status, spend their best on Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. This is a true premium flagship, which also was in some ways a pioneer. And someday it will certainly take place in the Museum of the History of smartphones, so that years later, your property will not just be an outdated piece of plastic and metal, and rarity.

For innovative and unusual design we award the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. And we hope the innovation will strike the Galaxy S series too and till the Galaxy S7 release, we would have really something great.