Reconsider That Mid-Morning Snacks That May Thwart Your Weight Loss!

Study found that females who eat between breakfast and lunch lose less weight. A research done for 12 months on 123 obese and overweight women, those who take mid morning snacks lost lesser weight than those who skipped snacks between breakfast and lunch. The females who eat out of boredom or for hunger, the consequences are too many calories each day.

Reconsider That Mid-Morning Snacks That May Thwart Your Weight Loss!

Snacking itself is not bad, it is more when and what you snack. Snacking right from the morning time leads to more eating throughout the day. Snaking smartly can make your weight loss plan perfect. The frequency, timing and quality of snacking all are important.
A study published in Journal of American Dietetic Association and US National Institute of Health Research. McTiernan assigned women, between 50 to 75 years, for a diet alone and diet plus exercise program. Females in diet alone group took 1,200 to 2,000 calories each day, depending on the starting weight, other group of diet and exercise group also reduced their calories but, additionally they were put into 45 minutes exercise for 5 times in a week. The participants were provided counseling for nutrition but nothing special was instructed about snacking.

The time, frequency and type of meals were recorded, and calories were evaluated from the fiber, fat, vegetables, fruits and other related information. At the beginning the average BMI was 31.3. The BMI of 30 is considered as obese. The weight loss in both groups was similar. Diet only group lost around 10% and the diet and exercise group lost 11.6 % after a year.

But the snacking patterns were related with the amount of the weight loss. The mid morning snackers lost around 7%, however those who didn’t snack in mid morning lost 11.5%. Snacks might be appropriate if the gaps between the meals are long like 5 hours or more. Thus snacking appropriately is the key.

Snacking is also included in fat burning kitchen program and it was found that snacking can be helpful to achieve weight loss or nutrition goals, at the same time it is not conclusive that it appears that morning snackers may not lose much weight as compared to those who snack in the afternoon. More research is needed to evaluate if this connection is real or not, are food choices important or if it is just a matter of difference between individuals. This study was only for women, therefore it cannot be said that applies to men also. However there are various other studies to prove that calorie intake is similarly important for men as well as for women.