Price Tag Attacks by Jewish Extremists Claim Lives

On July 31 in West Bank, a Palestinian home belong to the family of Dawabsheh was set ablaze by people believed to be Jewish extremists that left a father and his toddler dead while injuring two others. There have been several arson attacks in the region . In the recent attack where a tent that belonged to Yousuf Ka’abna no one was injured as the family had already relocated in the event of the heat wave. Only mattresses as well as food and bicycles were lost.

The price tag attacks have been taking place since the year 2008 claiming many lives. Holy sites, individuals and Palestinian properties have all been targeted. The Jewish extremists first sprayed graffiti on the rocks where the razed down tent was. The graffiti read “administrative revenge” as per the statement that was given by Ghassan Douglass. The Israeli government has been blamed for the price tag attacks that are taking place with many calling for justice. The Rabbis for Human Rights called on the government to bring the right-wing Jewish extremists to book.

Price Tag Attacks by Jewish Extremists Claim Lives

Most of the Jewish extremists that have been arrested have been put on administrative detention according to This is when they are put into custody for a long period without going on trial. Speaking about the price tag attacks that have claimed lives, Benjamin Netanyahu the Israeli Prime Minister called on security officers to bring the perpetrators to justice.

There have been many cases of shootings in the Isreal On Wednesday night in Isreal, there were four shootings which the authority reported that they may not be related. According to msnbc live streaming is that this year only, there have been 20 killings in total. The first incident took place at 2040 hrs near the Institute of Technology campus in Massachusetts in car. After the incident in Cambridge, the victim was taken to hospital but had already passed on by the time he got to hospital.

At around 2215 hrs in Roxbury section, two of the men that were shot died while the other one survived the injuries. The third incident took place at the Mattapan neighborhood where a family gathering was taking place. Three men were shot with two of them surviving the injuries while the third one succumbed. Just near an Everett restaurant at around 0100 hrs on Thursday, Ashlee Berryman of Malden aged 21 was fatally shot. The authorities believe that a stray bullet hit her.

In total is that five people lost their lives in the four incidents. Mayor Marty Walsh said that the violence that was taking place in Boston was not only disturbing, but it was also quite saddening and had to stop. As the authorities are working on establishing why there were so many shootings in a span of hours, no arrests have been reported and the names of the victims have not yet been released. watch msnbc live online to get update on this incident