Le-Vel Brands Shines With Donations For Breast Cancer Research

Breast cancer has always been a threat to the health industry, and since the mortality rate has been high enough, it has been a continuous matter of concern for all. While there were multiple research works that have been carried on in this far, there’s yet a lot to be done- believes the experts in the similar field. One of the most essential factors that have recently come up in most of the research studies is the age. The risk factor associated with age has not come up in concrete figure and as a result of it, preventive measures cannot be taken readily yet. Almost 14% of the entire research papers published this decade lacks the factual representation of the perfect age that still has the chance of curing in case of breast cancers.

Le-Vel Brands Shines With Donations For Breast Cancer Research

Who doesn’t identify the importance of finding a method that could treat the breast cancer patients not just effectively but also in a cost effective method? Since the process of treatment is hugely expensive, most of the patients cannot take the risk of undergoing it, since the financial security of their future comes under stake. Le-Vel Brands who comes up with health products in the market, cannot fail to identify the necessity of staying fit, and whenever they find any issues concerning health factors tries their best to come up to some help.

With a promotional event of their Derma Fusion technology product, they kept it open for charity and tried to put their best effort so that the fund could come to any help of the breast cancer patients. According to the Level Brands reviews, almost $250,000 was raised and they have donated the entire amount to the National breast Cancer Foundation to help all those patients who need help urgently. The DFT product was designed in such a way that it could support and assist the metabolism of an individual and is basically a key component of the entire THRIVE health and wellness product line offered by them. They made sure that of all the products that they will sell in the campaign, $5 from each will go for the cause. Almost 50,000 DFT products were sold and that allowed them to come up with the huge figure of $250,000 that they donated to NBCF.

Breast cancer still poses one of the biggest threats to the women of the entire nation having a direct impact on the balance in the society. Researchers have already predicted that almost more than 246,000 new invasive breast cancer cases are to diagnosed in the recent year, which suffice that almost one out of eight women are prone towards being affected. NBCF has been working on breast cancer patients for years and tries to come to the best help of these patients. Le-Vel Brands have just tried to be a part of their long journey.

According to Level Brands reviews, this single initiative of helping the noble cause has not only helped them in growing to a stature of international brand, but also justifies their reason to do something for the community they live in. Since they manufacture a health product, they know how important it is to mitigate such perilous diseases from the heart of the society.