Know About Cannabis Solution

Through history people from all around the world used Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp, some of them for personal use or as medicine, and some for creating fabrics and for food.

Know About Cannabis Solution

The main purpose for growing Cannabis is the production of the special chemicals called the cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are active chemicals that influence the user physically and mentally.  The two most advantageous and used cannabinoids are the THC and CBD.

The Cannabis plant is very sensitive and growers are required to achieve high quality flowers. Growers may face unexpected problems when trying to optimize their growing process. They need to take into account every aspect of the greenhouse: growing time, radiation, irrigation, nutrients, size of the cannabis plants, air flow and climate.

One of the biggest challenges in growing Cannabis in greenhouses is the humidity

The main challenge with cannabis is the high density of the flowers leafs which trap humid air inside. The Cannabis flower is the most important part of the plant and it is very sensitive to humidity. Moreover, Cannabis leafs evaporate a lot of water.

What can be done? In other words, what can growers do to dehumidify?

DryGair concept allows the grower to efficiently reduce the humidity using less energy.

DryGair dehumidifiers treat the humid air inside the greenhouse, condense the water, and using innovative air circulation concept which create homogenous climate conditions. No humid air is trapped inside the flower and the dew point is reduced. Thus, humidity diseases are prevented.