Key Points About AIPMT You Need To Know

The medical career is a highly sought after profession in this country, not because of it pay but because of the prestige that is attached to it. Also, what can be better than saving lives? The AIPMT exam is conducted annually by CBSE for students who dream of becoming doctors. Very important information, which you need to keep in mind, is that for general candidates the upper age limit is 25 years and for the rest it is 30 years. The minimum age when you can give this exam is 17 years.

Key Points About AIPMT You Need to Know


Now that All-India-Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Entrance Test has substituted the National Eligibility Entrance Test for the bachelor courses you need to be taking AIPMT very seriously. Thanks to the intervention of the Supreme Court, in order to eliminate complications while admitting students in various medical institutes, all private colleges in the country will now take you in based on your AIPMT marks. In actuality, you are competing for 15% of the seats, which means that if you get a rank within 3000, you will surely qualify to get in one of the top medical institutes of the country. Also, AIPMT age limit is crucial. Do not overlook it.


If you learn the AIPMT syllabus by heart, half of your job is done. Do not skip a single chapter as the paper might be very unpredictable and you surely do not want to miss marks just because you thought a certain chapter or topic was not relevant enough for the exam. Make certain that you have fully grasped the fundamental concepts in the NCERT books. Give equal importance to all the subjects that you are preparing. Say for instance you are weak in Chemistry then by all means give more time to it because you might face a tough time in that particular subject (given your weakness) in the exam.

Practice, Practice and Practice

It is a false belief that AIPMT is extremely tough and only the best get in. If you study regularly and solve different question papers, then there is no question of you not getting into a reputed medical college. There will only be 180 multiple choice questions, so you do not have to memorize long answers that you once did for subjects like history. It is entirely up top you whether you join a coaching centre or not. For students who have enough willpower and have the learnt the art of delayed gratification, they can study on their own while others who need a push should definitely seek some sort of guidance.

Negative Marking

Many times you lose marks because you answer wrongly. Since APIMT has negative marking, when you are giving the exam, do not be in a hurry. Approach this with a calm mind. Be at complete ease while you go through the questions. If you are unsure about a particular question, take some time and come back to it later. Know that for each wrong question, 1/3rd marks will be deducted. Do not let impatience and overconfidence ruin your chances of cracking the AIPMT exam.

Positive Attitude

AIPMT may be a tough nut to crack, but if you are willing to work hard and have adopted the right strategy to study, you will surely overcome any obstacle that comes between you and your dream of becoming a doctor. Do not let negativity rule your life. Know that anything worth achieving will be tough but ultimately worth it at the end. Make sure that you have a healthy sleep schedule and a proper diet. If you constantly worry about the AIPMT result, nothing good will come out of it.

The AIMPT exam is not YOUR LIFE. It is a part of your life and if you dedicate quality time to the preparation of this exam, you will definitely nail it.