Is There A Difference Between An Electrician and Electrical Engineer?

There are many differences between the electrician and the electrical engineer, but there are many similarities between their work. They use the almost tools to handle the electrical works. Generally electricians are considered as the technicians who solve any issues related to the electrical works. Many people don’t know the difference between the electricians and electrical engineer. Electricians can become at any time by gaining some basic knowledge about the electrical properties and electrical codes of wiring. For becoming the electrical engineer they need to have the four year bachelors degree or six year masters degree in engineering to become an electrical engineer.


Electrician are the persons who don’t need the degree for becoming the electrician they just need the basic knowledge about the electrical property and they take the training of apprenticeship from any electrical industry. Where they will get the knowledge of electrical components, its properties, different types of electrical issues, how to analyze the problem how to fix the problem, how to handle the tools, techniques to handle the electrical issues, how to follow the safety measures to get protected from the electrical hazards and how to deal with the customers. They do all these works under the supervision of a journeyman electrician. Then after passing the journeyman exam they get promoted to journeyman, then master electrician where they can get the contracts from the clients directly and do analyses on the site and work according to that by assigning work to the electricians according to their specialization in the field. They don’t need to have any education for learning these, they just need the experience to handle the issues.

Is There A Difference Between An Electrician and Electrical Engineer?

Electrical engineer

Electrical engineer they have to pass the four year of bachelor degree or six master’s degree after their schooling to become the electrical engineer. They know every component that is present in the electrical device sand their functions and they even Designed PCB to attach components. They design the layout for the entire building and the route map for passing of wire in a very effective manner so that it will not ruin the decoration of the area by clinging of wires or peering of wires from the holes. They are paid to get the effective electrical works. Electricians can do this work, but the finishing and alternate plans the engineers can provide will not get from the electricians. Engineers try to implement the new electrical components so that they can be used in practice by the electricians. They try to make the work of electricians as easy as possible. A new technologies in the electrical works are introduced by the engineers. They study all the subjects in their four year degree to handle every situation like management, signals and system, digital transmission, switching theory and logic design, electrical circuits, environmental studies and many more and they get the practical work on the subjects they got the theoretical knowledge of it. Electricians don’t have the theoretical knowledge they do all the works practical and the experience they have in this field. Electrician Sydney CBD is the service provider who provides the electrical service to the people in their local area.