How To Reverse The Mirena Side Effects?

Mirena is used by many women as measures of long term contraception. It is an IUD contraception which means it is a plastic T shaped flexible device that is implanted into the uterus. Mirena can prevent pregnancy up to 5 years at a stretch. This long lasting, reversible contraception method has been growing in popularity amongst women who are looking for long term measures to prevent pregnancy. But Mirena at the same time has a number of side effects as well which can get severe on its long term usage.

What is Mirena Detox program?

How To Reverse The Mirena Side Effects?

Mirena Detox by is a program that guides women in detoxifying and getting rid of all the toxic and harmful effects the birth control measure has on the health. Even though it provides 99% assurance against pregnancy, it is still not free from criticisms. Women on Mirena might also face life threatening side effects. Perforation of the uterus or occurrence of pregnancy outside the uterus, a condition known as ectopic etc can have dangerous consequences. But amongst the most common Mirena removal side effects are weight gain, hair loss, severe PMS symptom, acne etc amongst many others visit this site for more details. All these side effects happen once the device has been removed from uterus. This is because the removal of Mirena from the uterus triggers off hormonal imbalances. The progesterone hormone becomes nil and there is a lot of estrogen in the body.

Progesterone is a female hormone the task of which is to regulate processes of ovulation and menstruation in women. As a result of Mirena implant the natural production of this hormone stops completely. Mirena itself releases synthetic progesterone into the uterus and thus the requirement for the progesterone is adequately supplied. But when it is removed the body doesn’t get any progesterone at all as it has also stopped its natural secretion as well and hence as the progesterone levels in the body falls, the estrogen level rises considerably. This imbalance in the hormones is the reason behind the severe side effects that might also alter the normal lifestyle of a person. Watch this video on youtube for some more info:

One of the major ways to deal with it is by regulating the diet. There are some nutrients which can convert into progesterone, and help in restoring the hormonal balance in the body. It can again stimulate the secretion of the hormone once again and help the person return back to normalcy. Applying progesterone topically by means of a cream can also help.