How to overcome the fear of driving a car – tips for girls

Life in the big city is rhythmic and the distance to the nearest shopping mall or office may be huge, that’s why the modern women, both housewives and business ladies cannot do without a car. It is unrealistic to do shopping, take the child out of school, visit the fitness center and do many other things without having a reliable car. However, whereas driving any type of the vehicle whether luxury BMW Z4 or powerful SUV is in blood of every man, for women the experience of driving a car can be really stressful. In this article, we will talk about how to overcome the fear of driving a car.

Nowadays women make up the majority of students at driving schools and courses. They are more diligent and responsible than men when it comes to theoretical aspects of driving a car, however, speaking of the practical driving, this aspect is somewhat harder for women to cope with. What to do if you are afraid to drive a car? Here are some tips we recommend following.

1. More driving practice is the key to success. As many experienced motorists advise, sit behind the wheel whenever you need to go somewhere. Even if you need to buy some bread in the nearest store, you should take your car. For a novice driver it is important to get used to familiar routes and hone your driving skills in familiar environment.
It is worth taking your first trips around the city together with an experienced driver sitting next to you. He or she will always give you a piece of advice and will always help you when needed.

2. If you want to feel comfortable when driving a car, try to get rid of the frustrating factors like annoying passengers, for example your husband, who does not help, but on the contrary, makes you even more nervous, or your kids, who will always distract you asking questions or complaining. Ask an experienced friend to take a ride with you instead.

3. To feel more confident, you should carefully think through the route before driving.

4. Psychologists say that fear of driving means low self-esteem. Before you sit behind the wheel, you can try setting some goals and try to achieve them. A series of small victories will help you to believe in yourself.

5. If you are unlucky to get in a dense stream of cars, stop as soon as possible. It does not matter, whether it’s a country road, a gas station or a parking lot. Take a break, lean back into the driver’s seat and catch your breath. Or just go to the counter and buy yourself a chocolate bar – you deserve it.

6. Do not forget to place the appropriate sign on the car so that the driver following you will understand that you are a novice driver and, accordingly, show patience and caution, increase the distance to your car and foresee possible illogical maneuvers. According to studies of several authoritative car magazines, these signs saved more than 10% of the fresh drivers from an accident!

We hope that these tips will help overcome the fear of driving. Having become a confident driver you will be able to drive cool models like Chevrolet Camaro or Porsche Panamera and everyone will be envious of you on the road.