How AWS Has Become The Most Revered Cloud Service In The World

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has garnered immense success and popularity as a cloud computing system that provides trusted cloud-based solutions to meet your commercial business demands. If you are operating your official business tasks through AWS cloud then it can surely make your applications run faster and makes them more enhanced, thereby, providing high level of security and data integrity required by individuals as well as companies.  Its massive success on data security platforms as made big-wigs like Intuit, US Navy, Pfizer and even Apple to rely on it. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a set of cloud services that are often utilized by big brands, large organizations, startups and government agencies. You might have heard about AWS as the server on which social media applications like Netflix and Instagram run.

How AWS Has Become The Most Revered Cloud Service In The World

For supporting companies and business with its cloud service AWS offers resources in almost all corners of the world, so that they can deploy their solutions in the countries where their customers reside. The AWS cloud offers a broad spectrum of services which have now reached the number 70. Some of these highly popular services include database, storage, compute, networking, analytics, deployment, application services, management, developer tools and tools dedicated to Internet of things (IoT). Various case studies have been done on AWS suggesting its success, benefits of companies who have used or are using it and why customers chose AWS services over others. Thing is that Amazon web services can be easily monitored using API by web based apps, some of those also do cost management besides monitoring AWS resources, the need for monitoring increased as a result of AWS popularity.

AWS has allowed companies to buy powerful computers at much cheaper rates and enabled them to store multimedia like video, audios and text files in a powerful cloud database along with efficient handling of traffic. You must have no qualms in accepting that AWS is the kind of IT infrastructure that has amplified the recent tech boom and innovations in IT industry. In fact, the Smartphones are the only single technology that stands closer to it in terms of features and tech support.  In 2006 which is exactly ten years ago, it was the first such cloud service that came into light. Since then, AWS has come a long way to dominate the market and has become the first choice among companies and big industrial and government sectors. Previously AWS revenue and profit was reported as part of the company’s business in North America and in 2014 $5.4 billion revenue was generated by that segment.

AWS is unarguably the reason behind the success of many companies in digital media like Netflix that are streaming billions of hours of TV shows and movies through it with full efficiency. The U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services turned towards AWS, when there website was being revamped and major parts of the website was shifted to AWS to maintain the data security and integrity. Amazon Simple Storage Service, also known as S3 is a platform of AWS on which Spotify hosts its music and enable billions of subscribers to listen to any album at any time from any location.

The, recent data reports suggest that AWS is the biggest source of Amazon’s yearly profit earnings and revenue shares and is generating more than $10 billion a year in as revenue for the company.