Going The Extra Mile In The Hotel Industry!

Customers are guests look forward to the best of service in hotels. If they are happy with the service and treatment rendered, they will keep on coming back. This also helps the hotel to get repeated business in the long run.

Reputed and award winning hotels in the hospitality industry believe in top quality customer service skills to keep on attracting customers to the hotel. According to famous hotelier, Patrick Imbardelli, customer service skills for the hotel industry needs to be developed consistently to receive appreciation from guests. If you are an hotel owner, it is very important for you to train and guide your staff. He says that your hotel has a standard and the staff needs to be trained as per that standard so that guests and customers keep on coming back. The standard of service should be uniform and everyone should follow it too.

Going The Extra Mile In The Hotel Industry!

Patrick Imbardelli says that it is simple to sit behind a desk and pass orders however you should watch your team in action if you really want it to stand out and make a positive difference in the market. Check to see if your employees are friendly and proactive to the needs of the customer or guest. Do they just give the basic services or do they go the extra mile? It is in this manner that Patrick Imbardelli made the Pan Pacific Group of Hotels one of the best luxury hotel chains in the USA. He used to watch his team in action and give them the desired feedback when it came to customer service and social etiquette they deal with your customers. Once you have observed them, you effectively are able to make improvements and changes too in the specific areas.

The next thing that Patrick Imbardelli advises to do is talk with guests directly and check if they are fond of the service or not. You can make use of an online survey that will give you an idea on how customers and guests are liking the hotel service or not. At the same time, you will also find out about their grievances and complaints. In this manner you can work on them too with success.

Patrick Imbardelli says that no hotel can be a success if you do not recognize your employees. It is very important for you to have employee recognition programs and establish an employee in the organization. This will also motivate others in the hotel industry and with this they are able to go the extra mile.

Once your employees start going the extra mile, you will gradually see the service delivery standards of the hotel improving and this is when you effectively are able to create a positive impression in the market. Guests and customers appreciate the service and keep on coming back to the hotel and this ensures that your business is running well too!