Galaxy Note Edge Success: Hints Towards Next Galaxy Note Edge 2

After many years, very conservative Samsung updated the design and launched a unique phone, but in 2014 the policy of the Korean company to submit new products become different. First we got a smartphone Galaxy Alpha with a new design and Galaxy Note Edge marks a new perspective in the display area.

Samsung had a pretty active marketing campaign Galaxy Note Edge. Now Phablet began spreading on the market. Although the Galaxy Note Edge produced in much smaller quantities than the same Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 4. The reason lies in the original display, which is much more difficult to produce. And it costs more.

But besides the display there is a little different. The platform was taken unchanged from the Galaxy Note 4, so that the specifications are very familiar. Phablet based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 805 with four CPU cores at up to 2.7 GHz, while the 64-bit support is only available in the Asian version of Samsung Exynos 5433. Cellular modem has not changed; it supports LTE to the level of Cat 6. Same As for the other interfaces: WLAN standard 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, microUSB 2.0, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB of flash memory and a slot micro-SD. Finally, you get two cameras 16 and 3.7 megapixels, fingerprint sensors and heart rate, as well as an improved stylus S Pen, familiar to Galaxy Note 4.

Galaxy Note Edge Success: Hints Towards Next Galaxy Note Edge 2

Structure and Body has changed a bit because of the curved display. Galaxy Note Edge got the dimensions of 151.3 x 82.4 x 8.3 mm, i.e., the length was about 2 mm smaller width – 4 mm longer; thickness is almost identical, as the weight of 174 g basic design has remained the same, but due to the bending of the right pane, tap expectations had to be moved, it is now located on the top.

Right-handed people will have a significant advantage. If you hold Phablet in right hand and using your left hand, then get to the curved part of the display will be problematic. Manufacturing quality complaints have arisen but Galaxy Note Edge is made to last.

Of course, the display – the most interesting component of the Phablet, although Galaxy Note Edge – is not the only smartphone with curved display. Last year, Samsung showed Galaxy Round, and LG – G Flex, and in the coming years, a range of such devices will increase. Furthermore, both the display device according to prevented any substantial advantage – though manufacturers certainly looked at this question differently. The second attempt Samsung seems somewhat different because instead of horizontal or vertical bending, curved like the current TV, the display has been added to the sidebar at an angle.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is just an example of uniqueness and Samsung fans are expecting something more from the second generation Galaxy Note Edge 2 and Galaxy S7 Edge. But when it would be released, is no more mystery. We could expect the launch of the device just after the Galaxy Note 5.