Fixing A Tripping Circuit Breaker

When you have a circuit breaker that keeps tripping, this means that you have a problem in your electrical system.  Basically, the circuit breaker does the same job as the fuses did in the past.  It can trip when your circuit becomes too hot from the heat that is generated by the electrical current that is running through the circuit.  When the circuit breaker trips, it will shut off the electricity until the wires have cooled down.

It is easy to fix a tripping circuit breaker by resetting them, which gives them an advantage over the older fuses, which you had to change when they went out.  When you need to reset your circuit breaker you go to the electric panel, or circuit breaker box, find the switch that has tripped, and push it back to the position that states “on.”  For some breakers it is hard to tell which ones have tripped because the switch may rest between “off” and “on.”  To make it easier, if there is room, place a piece of tape beside each breaker switch, and write what the switch does such as kitchen breaker, living room breaker, etc.  There are some that will show up red when they are tripped to make them easier to know which one was tripped.

Fixing A Tripping Circuit Breaker

Many times, the tripping circuit breaker that seems to cause the most problems are the ones in the kitchen or bathroom.  To keep the bathroom circuit breaker from continually tripping go through the house to find out what other electrical devices shut off when that circuit breaker trips.  If possible, switch them to another outlet to avoid an overload of that circuit.  You can also turn off the devices you are not using and then reset the breaker to see if that helps.

One reason that the kitchen circuit breaker trips so often is that there are many devices being run or used at the same time and the circuit breaker can become overloaded.  Some appliances like your refrigerator continuously run so electricity is always moving through the circuit breaker and when you add another appliance it might be too much for the breaker.  Try plugging in the appliance into another outlet to see if that solves the situation.  If you notice that it trips if you have two or more small appliances going at the same time, turn one or more off to help avoid tripping the circuit breaker.

If the circuit breaker trips repeatedly, even after trying different things you could have a problem with the wires in the receptacle or the receptacle itself so you should call an electrician to find what the problem is and fix it before you have a fire.

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