Don’t Men Need Skin Care?

Men’s skin requires as much care as women. However, most of the men especially in India seem to ignore their skin. Rather men should increases the intensity of care as they grow old. Many of them suffer with acne problem skin allergies, suntan or sagging. The number problems answer a big ‘Yes’ for the question don’t men need skin care? Men at different ages need different types of care.

Don’t Men Need Skin Care?

Men at 20s

Men at 20s are likely to get more skin problems as their skin is oily. Commonly they do not go for home remedies and facial packs as well. They should prefer oil controlling products at this age. While buying skin care products they should check the ingredients well. Basic care is also very important as cleaning and moisturizing avoids many skin problems. Men should also apply sunscreen lotion before going in sun to maintain healthy skin.

Men at 30s

Anti-ageing creams are worth considering at the age of 30. Men skin is more exposed to sun when compared with women and sagging of the skin also starts at this age. Many problems occur because skin starts getting thin at this age. Therefore, men should start using anti-ageing creams after reaching 30s.

Men at 40s

This is well-known fact that our skin loses regeneration power as we grow older and therefore men should give extra care to their skin. Apart from the skin care tips you have been doing since you were 30 like cleaning, moisturizing, sun screen and anti-ageing you men need some medical procedures and fillers as well. Moreover, men should use special creams to fight fine lines under their eyes. One compound that helps in the anti-aging process is with the help of products containing alpha hydroxy acids, which aide in the skin’s natural regeneration process as well as retaining moisture.

Don’t Men Need Skin Care?

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