Do You Know How To Make Your Finance Grow?

Any time you say you are serious about saving money either for making investments or for maintenance during the period after retirement, there are people who come with the comment ‘you are a few years late!. The economic trends in the present scenario are such even the so-called financial experts fall short of their own predictions! Contrary to their predictions, some of the ordinary shares have fared well compared to many blue chip companies. In view of this, there is nothing wrong in ignoring what these experts say. But, it should be remembered that though making an investment is simple, it is easier said than done!  Let us ponder over a little as to how we can make our finance grow.

Do You Know How To Make Your Finance Grow?


The investment you may make will not grow overnight. You must allow enough time for that. Have you ever come across plants, or for that matter, even children, growing overnight? They grow in the ordinary course. For your investment to yield returns, you have to naturally wait for some time. If you are patient enough, you will certainly be rewarded with substantial returns. This does not mean you have to be just a passive spectator! You should keep a constant watch on the movement of the stock market vis-à-vis your portfolio of shares. As far as possible you should have a diversified portfolio.


The movement of stock prices may indicate that the value of some of the shares in your portfolio is going down. These particular shares may be your ‘favorites.’ It does not mean you should hold on to them. If there is strong indication of the prices going down further, you should dispose them off without any hesitation. If you hold on to them, it may make a dent in the over-all profitability from out of your portfolio. With the amount realized from the sale of these shares, you can make investment in other shares, which have better prospects.


When the prices of some of the shares go up, you sell them immediately, without waiting for further increase. Always fix a limit regarding your expectation of profit and when you reach that level, selling the concerned shares is good. There may be no guarantee that the price will go up further; on the other hand, if it takes a reverse trend, you would have lost a good opportunity. So, ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!’ There are people who are very crazy about particular shares in their portfolio and they will not sell them at any cost. They are the guys who will lament later, when it is too late! Never allow yourself to be a victim of any attachment. Your only focus should be in making your money grow.

Maintaining a good portfolio is as good as maintaining a decent house with beautiful garden and attractive interiors and exteriors. When you own such a house, you will spare no efforts to maintain it in a very good condition. Similar should be your attitude and concern in the matter of your portfolio too. If you keep enjoying yourself with the portfolio and the changes in its value now and then, you will certainly put in your best of efforts towards making the investment grow. Very soon you will be rewarded with substantial gains and you need not have to worry about your post-retirement life.