Chairman and Owner of Ace Parking Scott Jones Announces New “Ace Assist” Customer Care Program

Ace Parking, a highly respected parking management company headquartered in California, has announced a new program that is designed to further reinforce Ace Parking’s reputation for providing outstanding customer care. The program, which is called “Ace Assist,” provides customers with a number of significant and convenient benefits relating to customer care. The program serves to improve guest relations and therefore results in increased revenue for companies utilizing Ace’s managed parking lots.

“We are very pleased to introduce this new program, as it benefits a great deal of people,” said chairman and owner of Ace Parking Scott Jones. “We believe that the Ace Assist program is going to make our services even more customer-oriented than ever before and allow us to provide a greater level of convenience for all of the parties involved.”

The program offers a number of interesting features that clearly benefit customers. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of the program is the 24-hour access to live Ace Parking customer service representatives. The program allows customers to speak with a representative at any time in order to provide assistance with a transaction from a remote call center at the simple touch of a button. This, along with around-the-clock monitoring, allows the garage to remain open for 24 hours per day, which is more convenient and results in increased revenue streams.

In addition to generating enhanced revenue through expanded operating hours, chairman and owner of Ace Parking Scott Jones notes that operating expenses are also reduced through this program. This is due to the fact that off-peak operating hours do not require the presence of an on-site employee and thereby reduces the cost of payroll expenses.

To those in the parking industry, it should come as no surprise that Ace Parking is continuing to create programs that are extremely beneficial and result in exceptional convenience for customers. Over the course of over 60 years, Ace Parking has been dedicated to providing the best possible parking experience for customers, and the addition of the Ace Assist program is surely designed to serve this purpose.