Causes Of Bed Bugs and 4 Steps To Eliminate Them

Bed bugs are a widespread pest in the UAE, as well as the rest of the world. Pests are immediately associated with dirt – so if you have bed bugs, you should be ashamed of yourself! It is the ultimate proof that you are a filthy and sloppy person, isn’t it? Well, actually it’s not. You can be a clean freak and still have a bed bug infestation – they do not feed on food crumbles or dirt, and they don’t require a hot or moist environment. All it needs is a visit from a person, who is affected by a bed bug infestation already – they spread by travelling on people and objects. They then lodge themselves wherever they find any kind of food source – either human or animal blood – so basically every household qualifies for bed bugs. When you notice numerous bite marks, similar to flea bites but not as itchy, in a zig-zag from on your body, you most probably have a bed bug problem in your home. Here are 4 steps you should follow in order to get rid of the pest:

1. Identify the infested areas: It is a common mistake to think that bed bugs only live in mattresses and that the problem would be solved if we just replaced the mattress. Of course bedrooms are most likely to have the highest activity, since we stay in them for hours every night – and ensure regular feeding opportunities to the bugs this way. But every other room could be infested as well, especially the living room with its couches and chairs that we spend lot of time sitting or lying on. So the first step to an effective bed bugs control is to identify the infested rooms.

Causes Of Bed Bugs and 4 Steps To Eliminate Them

2. Reduce the number: Now, after you discovered the places the bed bugs are hiding in, you can operate more targeted towards reducing their number. Bed bugs are not heat resistant, they die when a body temperature of 45 °C is reached, so wash your sheets and blankets with hot water and then heat-dry them. Also vacuum clean – if possible hot steam clean – the mattress, the bed frame, all carpets, chairs and couches regularly.

3. Carefully use insecticides: After you have reduced the number of bugs as much as possible, you should use insecticides to get rid of the rest that survived the heat and the cleaning. Insecticides in general are not very effective, but there are some products that work better than others, so do your research about all options and then decide for one. Make sure to follow the instructions, otherwise you and your family could be harmed due to a misuse.

4. Hire professionals: You have tried the first three steps but you were unsuccessful with eliminating all bed bugs? A more expensive choice, but also by far the most effective way of getting rid of the infestation, is to hire one of the numerous experienced pest control companies in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. They are allowed to use certain products that are unavailable to the average resident. Therefore they can operate faster and more effectively – and they can advise you on how to stay pests-free in the future.

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