Best Restaurants In India To Have Food

We Indian are foodie. We jump off on the food for no matter what. We are not only expert in our own cuisines but don’t step back to taste different foods like Chinese, Thai, Singaporean and what not. Many restaurants from India got the fame for their spice and different tastes. Just once in a while, you come across to the restaurant which not only blow your mind but make you remember the taste for many days or month. The good and pleasing experience of taste comes once. Keeping up one restaurant is tough but discounted restaurant deals can help you to mouth watering. So, what are you waiting for just grab coupons and stop your food carvings.

Best Restaurants In India To Have Food

Indian accent in New Delhi – this restaurant has pure magic and we can’t get enough. Some restaurants in India meet the standard requirement of taste in international market and among them this is one. They are popular to represent their food on unique way while playing music by using different textures. The one should celebrate their birthday to get royal feeling.

Peshawari in Mumbai – this restaurant is popularly known for it’s embellishment and detailed work. Their menu is printed on wooden blocks and crockery is earthy. I am sure you would love to be here. Restaurant deals to make your meal budget inexpensive and yummy. What is more better then eat food in unlimited quantity. There famous dish is daal bukhara.

Maya villa in Trivandapuram – just have a look of insight of this villa and you would love to come here from next flight. Yes,you heard it right, variety of food with spacious sitting all over the bunglow will definitely impress you. The food is contemporary and give nostalgia of “ghar ka khana”. Their favorites are fish tikka and stuffed Kerala to lick your fingers. You can get them through foodpanda coupons as they offer best deals on selected items.

Bukhara in New Delhi – it is impossible for the foodie to not heard the name of Bukhara. The food of Bukhara is all about experience and treat you like king. Their sitting arrangement is so impressive that allow you to feel as kingdom. Their favorite meal is daal Bukhara as it is yummy and full of taste. You should go once there.

Malaka spice in Pune – you are wondering, why I have chosen this place? Here is fresh air to breath. Their sea food is mouth watering with lots of spices and taste. It is popular for enjoy Pune weather and get informal space. They have dishes like three aunties and three grandmothers are enough to take your taste on the next level.

Best Restaurants In India To Have Food

A pinch of spice in Agra – are you going to see monument Taj Mahal? Don’t forget to take a taste of pinch of spice in Agra. Its always brilliant when small town also experimentinwoth big restaurants. They are popular for Punjabi meat.

Exciting restaurant deals are enough to take your taste on the high level. Dont forget to share your experiment with me. You can get the best restaurant deals on Couponhaat.