Backup Programs Are Extremely Essential For Law Firms

Today, majority of businesses are interested in backup plans, because the instances of losing data have increased. Majority of security breaches are dominating news headlines, often lately. Its impact is experienced in every possible field including law firms, whose networking systems got hacked, during major merger process. Therefore, regular backup has become an essential part of the law firm’s daily routine.

Backup Programs Are Extremely Essential For Law Firms

Hackers are keeping up with the pace of rapid progress in technology. Along with regular backup, it is critical to ensure that your data gets restored, as well.

Why tested backup is important?

Just a click can ruin your legal practice. Let’s understand this concept with an example – a small legal firm with 10 attorneys has their data backed up by managed services, but are experiencing an issue of restoring the backed up data. One attorney opened an email attachment and unknowingly downloaded a program that encrypted the JPG files, documents, PDF files and many more.

This program cannot get unlocked without the key. Your personal data is in someone else’s control and people with negative intentions may ask for ransom to release the encryption key. Will you pay the ransom? Fortunately, if you have good data backup, then there will not be a need to get swindled.

Employ IT support for law firms to have a backup of all files tested and restored regularly. This process is time-consuming, but all the data is safe. Without reliable backup process, your law firm will come to a standstill.

Data is in clouds

Lots of lawyers make use of cloud computing services to store data. Files can be stored as well as accessed from remote regions and devices. In fact, cloud based backup does not mean that your program may not get decrypted, but the impact gets reduced.

Majority of cloud based programs cannot restore the backup data. The data does survive in several locations – in the clouds and on your hard drive. However, the data is synchronized between local drive and cloud.

External backup can be in the form of CD, DVD or NAS device. It is necessary to check the restoration of backup. Fire won’t start overnight, but being prepared is the magic mantra!

Just like those, who have unexpected lost data due to locking or attacked by virus, indicates that you too can get affected without warning. To avert such disaster, having an advanced backup is vital. Good rule is to have data backed up in 3 different places. For example –

  1. Local backup drive in the office
  2. Different media like cloud-based or DVD
  3. Offsite at a remote location

Restoring backups

You have now stored the backup in 3 places, but there is still testing to be performed. Get the latest file from the backup and find out if you can open it. Data restoration in timely manner is the true test for good backup system.

Backup does not mean documents, PDF, presentations and spreadsheets. Basically, these are sustenance of a law firm, but do not overlook backups of financial system, email, as well as practice management system. Once in a year, lawyers need to test their data restoration of backup for billing, email, finance, time and practice management restoration.