Apple iPad Air 2: The Slimmest Apple Tablet

With the launch of Apple iPad Air 2, Apple proved its superiority of best quality gadget in the market but still this new gadget didn’t improve the state of Apple. On other side, people compared Air 2 with iPad Air and didn’t find it worth, as the changes were limited. But still iPad Air 2 is the slimmest Apple tablet to the date.

Apple iPad Air 2: The Slimmest Apple Tablet

It is just 6.1MM thick and as compared to previous generation weight, instead of 469 or 478 grams (WLAN / LTE) it decreased to 437 and 444. In practice, the difference is hardly noticeable, although the difference in thickness considerably. Apple first rejected the toggle switch, which has long blocked the iPad screen rotation in iOS. You only get two traditional volume control buttons on the right side. In practice, this change hardly upset most users. The rest of the design has not changed a whole new iPad Air seems to be a larger version of iPad mini. You will receive all of the above functions. Unfortunately, the same applies to the ergonomics. Slim body – it was good, but the display is a relatively small part of the front panel (71 per cent).

The tablet comes with the latest version of iOS 8.1, which largely overlaps with the version for iPhone. The most significant difference: there is no central component of working with data of health and fitness. The rest of you get all the usual new features introduced with iOS 8.1 and 8. By using the Handoff can easily continue the work on a Mac or iPhone, as well as answer an incoming call iPhone to iPad.

As usual iOS on the iPad is very similar to the iPhone. Other issues relate to verify third-party applications through the Touch ID, the role of API “Metal” to increase gaming performance, installation of new keyboards and widgets in Notification Center. There are many other small changes and innovations that are often not immediately visible to the user. Note the best opportunity to adapt the interface to a larger display compared to iPhone, iPad so beginners do not have a long time to get used to.

In camera section, new but old: so it is possible to estimate the main sensor of iPad Air 2, since the camera module is familiar to us. The sensor has a resolution of 8 megapixels, the lens consists of five elements, and the diaphragm is f2.4, absolutely right: we’ve seen this camera module in the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c. So that the camera module celebrated for more than two years, but compared to the first iPad Air, you would obtain a marked improvement – in the past year had to be content with 5 MP. On the other hand, no flash, so in a low light camera iPad is better not to use it.

If you were expecting significant changes in the upcoming Apple iPad Air 3 then you would be right, as Apple has learnt a lesson from the sales after the launch of iPad Air 2.