All About The Doors

Since there are many reasons for using doors in your property, there are various types of doors available too. As these different types might cater different needs, they are very different structurally and a bit functional too.


Types of the doors on the basis of its function:

Because of its functions there are many types of doors available, while purchasing any door you must therefore consider the reason why and how or where you are going to put that door. Following types of doors available in the market to help you:

  1. Bedroom doors:

The most common form of door used in any resident are these doors, they have locks on both sides, as they might be needed to be operated from both the sides.

  1. Bathroom doors:

The second most common door used is bathroom door, as the name suggests they are used for bathroom and thus they have a single lock on the inside of the room. But you can use certain tricks to open the door even from the outside in some case of emergency.

  1. Doors for offices:

The type of doors used in the commercial place have locks on the inside, therefore you can lock your doors from the inside. These doors need keys to be operated.

  1. Entrance doors:

The very important type of door used is the entrance door; these doors have locks on both sides. The door can be open or closed from the outside with the help of key, while you don’t need to use key for living inside the room.

  1. Break doors, or door for the classroom:

These both type of doors don’t need any lock system what so ever, as they are merely used to separate the room from its surrounding only.

Types of doors according to the structure:

Because of its various design and style, there are various types of doors available; below are the names of such doors:

  1. Hinged door:

The most common type of doors ever used, known as passage doors. This tradition style doors are attached at the one end with the wall, while the other end just swings open and close.

They are used everywhere, you can use these types of doors for the entrance, bedrooms, bathroom and everywhere.

  1. Sliding doors:

Sliding doors are very common used to cover wider openings, they don’t need any extra space for being opened or closed, as the door moves in its frame.

They are used as the closet doors or even in places with lesser opening space; they are the space efficient type of doors.

  1. Pocket doors:

They are the same styled doors as the pocket doors, but the only difference is that you can open the whole opening of the door as the door might hide inside the wall when opened.

These are also very common nowadays, they are used even as bathroom doors, they are space efficient and look very stylish.

  1. French doors:

As the name suggest they are the fancy type doors, the doors are hinged from each sides and thus are dramatically opened towards both sides from the center.

They are large size doors that cover-up the whole wall, they are made up of glass, therefore offer a full view of the other side.

  1. Dutch doors:

These doors are similar to the hinged doors, the only difference is that they are divided horizontally too, thus the door can be open into two.

These are ideal for main entrance doors.

Author’s bio:

Kate works with the Toronto overhead doors; they produce special types of doors that could be open upward in the vertical direction.