A Quick Guide To Staying Green & Recycling Electrical Items

Whilst you almost certainly will recycle home waste such as glass and plastic bottles as well as newspaper and cardboard, ask yourself when the last time you recycled an electrical item was? We all replace our phones, laptops and MP3 players on an often almost annual basis, however what do we usually do with the old item? In most instances, we either simply leave this to gather dust in a drawer or throw it away. In fact, stats show that only 33% of electrical items are recycled however as far as we are concerned, this is something which absolutely must chance! As such, we wanted to bring you our quick guide to staying green and recycling your old electrical items!

First things first, you’ll be wondering what sort of electrical items you are able to recycle. As it happens, you’re able to recycle almost any electrical items including:

  • Laptops
  • Phones
  • Small Kitchen Appliances
  • Tablet Computers
  • Sat Navs
  • Power Tools
  • TVs
  • & So Much More

So long as your electrical item meets one of the following criteria, you’re able to recycle it and avoid it going to landfill:

  • It Has A Plug
  • It Uses Batteries
  • It Needs Charging
  • It Has A Picture Of A Crossed Out Wheelie Bin On It

So long as your item meets one of the above, don’t throw it away, recycle it!

The next question which you’re probably going to ask, then, is where and how you can go about recycling electrical items. As far as we’re concerned, when it comes to recycling, you’ve got a number of options including:

  • Taking To Your Local Recycling Centre
  • Giving To A Friend Or Family Member
  • Donating To A Charity Shop
  • Sell On eBay

As you can see, recycling doesn’t just have to mean taking to a recycling centre and there’s many other options! In short, so long as it’s not going on landfill, you’re recycling!

To find out more information on recycling electrical items, why not take a look at the below infographic which was recently published by Edwardes Bros:

The Most Convenient and Efficient Alarm System