A Concise Guide to Staying Healthy – as Told by the Organs

Unhealthy weight gain has a strong link to poor lifestyle habits. The lack of exercise, high stress careers, erratic eating habits, and excessive drinking and smoking are among the biggest factors that lead to deteriorating health and wellbeing.

Another cause of piling on unwanted pounds is midnight snacking. Hunger pangs strike closer to bed time because you either ate too early or what you ate was dismally low in protein. This makes you feel tired and famished in a few hours, leading to the midnight raid on the refrigerator.

We prefer eating sugary, fatty and savory snacks at night due to the ‘food high’ they instantly provide. A study conducted by St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center and Columbia University in New York revealed that a sleep-deprived brain found junk food more salient and rewarding than other options, and also tempts you to eat more.

Midnight munching habits are detrimental due to another reason as well. When we hit the bed after consuming a bowl of chocolate ice cream, the low metabolic activity causes the fats and the calories to be stored in the body. Fats and sugars are not burned away and they tend to get stored in your body cells. If you persist with your midnight snacking habit, you will soon notice that all the pounds you had lost through diligent dieting have come back.

The effect of midnight snacking is as bad on your internal organs. Here is what your brain, liver, kidney and heart have to say about this.

A Concise Guide to Staying Healthy – as Told by the Organs

Source: Practo